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WARNING: This is a High Stimulant Preworkout- Not For Beginners!

Pure Hype is a preworkout formulated for stimulant junkies. This potent combination of ingredients will have you breaking through plateaus, and crushing your old PR’s!

Each ingredient in Pure Hype was selected to give you the perfect workout. What does that mean for you? Each time you take this preworkout you’ll experience...

✅  Smooth energy keeping you alert and dialed in during your workout, with ZERO crash afterward.

✅  An increase in focus to help with your mind-muscle connection during every set.

✅  Improved blood flow to accelerate muscle growth and give you insane pumps.

✅  A boost in strength that’ll have you breaking PR’s left and right.


You deserve to know exactly what’s in the products you’re using. So our transparent formula includes...

🧬  350mg of caffeine

🧬  3500mg of beta alanine

🧬  4 different stimulants

🧬  And more intense ingredients!


With any of our supplements, you aren’t just getting an amazing formula. We perfected everything from mixability to taste. This means no leftover chunks at the bottom, and mouth-watering flavors that will have you smacking the bottom of your shaker to get every last drop.

One scoop is all it takes for you to feel the difference and experience what you’ve been missing. Or as one of our customers described it, “love at first scoop”. Your gym partners will be wondering who this new beast is during your workouts. You can tell them if you’d like, or we can keep it our little secret.