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NTel Nutra Arez Titanium 25 Servings

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Arez Titanium NTel Nutra is a new, high quality pre-workout pumper that provides incredible concentration and increase the energy needed for intense workouts in the gym. Extreme formula based on three strong combinations of ingredients: Hyper-Pump Catalyst, Godlike Energy Surge and Mind X Muscle Fusion provides a powerful muscle pump increasing blood flow to the muscles promoting their development, while demonstrating a nootropic effect.

Pre-workout greatly improves performance, reducing the amount of lactic acid in the muscles, increases the amount of NOx. The DMHA contained in the product strengthens alertness, reduces fatigue allowing you to do more repetitions than usual. Synephrine and yohimbine support the loss of body fat in parts of the body particularly resistant to fat burning such as the lower part of the abdomen, back and thighs and hips in women. The addition of Eria Jarensis and hordenine improves mood and concentration.