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Liberty Labz Stand The F%#k Up

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Liberty Labz Stand The F% # k Up is a new pre-workout from the USA, which will increase your endurance, provide incredible focus and provide energy for the whole day. The pre-workout supplement based on proven formulas is an ideal addition to your workout. Innovative, specially selected doses of ingredients will allow you to perform the most effective training, ensuring maximum sharpening of the senses, increasing aerobic capacity.

The patented Hydromax and Amentoflavone system ensures obtaining a specific, long-lasting muscle pump, will ensure proper hydration of the muscles promoting their growth. Astragin increases the absorption of ingredients contained in the preparation, maximizing profits at the gym. The active steroid found in Astragin (Rg1) improves regeneration after physical exercise, reduces inflammation and increases glycogen replenishment.

Precise formula of the best stimulants, mind enhancers improves the training performance by moving it to a higher level, reduces muscle soreness allowing for a really high level of training. In addition, the preparation increases mood, reduces anxiety, provides energy through the effects of dopamine and norepinephrine.