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The most effective pre-training booster increasing the building of muscle mass with nootropic properties!

Freak Show Elite Freakz is a new strong pre-workout containing stimulants and ingredients with nootropic properties. The supplement was developed on the basis of the most effective ingredients needed to achieve amazing sports results and increase muscle mass. This is one of the strongest pre-workout supplements with the addition of smart drug.

Contains Dynamine ™ - a patented form of methylolberin, which has a great influence on mood, higher energy, focus and motivation. Kigella plant extract reduces pain and allows you to perform long and intense training sessions. This is a strong pre-workout that will provide you with mental support, increased endurance and a large dose of energy. It is recommended for people who perform strenuous, intense workouts requiring full concentration.

The unique formula of Freak Show increases concentration, increases mental efficiency, allowing to reduce pain and fatigue. Alpha GPC contributes to increasing physical and mental fitness. This supplement helps to inhibit the breakdown of muscle mass while increasing cognitive functions. A high dose of pumping ingredients affects the increased vasodilation, giving the effect of a powerful muscle pump and enhances protein synthesis, affecting the growth of muscle mass.